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Item Description

Brand New unused condition---------Item is new and unused,

Mint and Unissue-------Item is in superb condition with some little use or may be no wear or still in bag.

Excellent condition-------Item is in nice shape but may be show signs of its age because of storage or light use.

Used but very good condition-------Item is nice shape but little flight use or be shows signs of its adge

Used but good condition----Item is in nice shape but may show signs of excessive flight use or be noticably dirty from use.

Fair condition------Item is still in displayable condition but may be ripped, cracked, or have large stains.

Please note,
That all offered articles are pure collectors or display pieces and do not have any flying or other tests. Use is at your own risk !!

For more photos, please click image !

Original Eurofighter RFD Beaufort Survival Flight Jacket Size 11

Original RAF Issue Fast Jet Pilots Jacket from Beaufort , Anti G Flight jacket - RFD BEAUFORT 
SIZE 11,The RFD Beaufort made jacket incorporates a life preserver (horse collar type) and pockets for survival gear. Above 40,000' pressurised oxygen is delivered to the aircrew via their oxygen mask at a positive pressure to help prevent symptoms of hypoxia caused by high altitude. However, such high pressures can lead to distension and damage of the lung. The Eurofighter flight jacket contains air filled bladders that surround the chest wall. These bladders which are filled with gas at the same pressure as gas in the mask. This prevents lung distension so eliminating the risk of lung damage. The same concept is used in, for instance, the USA developed Combat Edge system. used but god condition, no bladders ,COLLECTORS ITEM,not for use !


EUR 99 .-

Original German Air Force - Army Gentex P 4 B Fighter Helmet Size Large with Helmet Bag

Original Gentex P 4 B helmet date 1963, original helmet in very good condition,helmet came from an retired German Army /Airforce Pilot and was used in the 60's in many Aircraft and Fighters , helmet is normal flight used but in very good 100% original condition ,helmet with all plugs and avionic,include a boom mic M 33/AIC,original label are present , inner harness is size small but helmet shell is size Large (see photos),that's no problem, it fits perfectly,all in very good original condition ,very nice display helmet in original condition,include a original helmet bag,

EUR 260.-
Original German Air Force and Navy Secumar 10 HL Life Preserver Survival Vest !


German Air Force/Navy Life Preserver Survival Vest SECUMAR 10 HL for Phantom Pilots,for about water commitments, with life preserver, with contents : signal mirror,signal whistle,sea dy marker and medical pak,with antenna for survival radio,all in very good ,used condition,original label is present,vest with 2 new CO2 bottle,automatic inflating device ,very nice item,extrem rare and extrem hard to find in this condition,vest is not demilitarisiert , universal size , IT IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY! COLLECTORS ITEM! Not for Use !!!!!!!


EUR 220.-

Original German Army Helicopter Survival Vest Exellent Condition

This is a original SW 2 HUB Survival Vest for German Army Helicopter Air Crews,vest is minial used in exellent to mint condition,universal size ,


EUR 79.-

Original German Cotton Orange Pilot Flight Suit Luftwaffe with Patches JG 72/2 Westfalen

German Flight Suit Orange ,this flight suit is from cotton , no aramid ,German Luftwaffe size 10 , German Size 54 Regular (US -Size Large , 42 - 44) , used , very good condition,include all Patches on the photos from JG 72 wing 2 "Westfalen",patches are not mountet,exellent quality,used by Phantom,Starfighter and other fighter pilots by german air force,


EUR 59 .-

Original CWU 1/P Flight Suit Size Medium Regular

CWU 1/P flying coverall mens from "H.Bernstein&Co " Date 1958,size medium regular,good condition,some zips are broken (see pictures), but, the central zipper is absolutely ok.,


EUR 65.-

Original German Leather Pilot Flight Jacket Size 8

Originally pilot jackets from this leather jacket was used by all Pilots from German Army,Navy or Air Force ,unfortunately this jacket is no longer produced as original, completely with patches , name Tag and Rank Insignia but not monted,Jacket in exellent quality,best gray Goat leather,Orange inside, this jacket is in exellent original condition,size is 8 ( US -Size 40,German Size 50) this is a original "Luftwaffe " leather jacket,not a replica,include the patches not mounted,


EUR 169.-

Original Primary Survival Gear Carrier (PSGC) Vest Multicam New Condition Unused !!!

This is a PSGC Air Warrior Survival Harness Vest Harness AIRBORNE AIR ASSAULT Multicam , Part of the Air Warrior System, the PSGC is a vest and harness system that can be adjusted to fit all air crewmen. It has extraction and insertion capabilities, and it is MOLLE adaptable ,The Air Warrior System is a new generation Air Crew Ensemble that provides the soldier advanced life support capabilities. The system is combat proven which increases personnel protection and mission performance while decreasing weight and bulk,Vest is in NEW condition , unused !


EUR 269.-

Original US-Navy SV-2B Survival Vest

This is a original US-Naval SV-2B vest with strings for survival items,all pockets,no contents in very good,exellent condition, IT IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY! COLLECTORS ITEM! Great Collectors item to finish your Navy Survival Gear Collection.

EUR 79.-